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Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud

services are specifically designed for the financial industry, and incorporate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and decision-making. Both digital and conventional banks can benefit from using Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud, as it provides a highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure and services that can support rapid growth and innovation.

One of the key advantages of Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud is the ability to build a bank in a week, or a very short period. This is made possible by the pre-built cloud infrastructure and software services that can be easily configured and customized to meet specific business requirements specifically on the country level.

Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud can be customized to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of specific countries, allowing financial institutions to operate in multiple markets without having to invest in expensive local infrastructure. Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud is a powerful infrastructure and service that can help financial institutions achieve fast and efficient operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. By leveraging the latest technologies and cloud-based services, digital and conventional banks can stay competitive and deliver innovative financial services to their customers.

Key Highlights

  • Diverse Account Modeling
  • Security and Compliance as per the current standard
  • PCI/DSS Compliance
  • Payment Gateway
  • Centralize and Decentralize Transactions
  • Digital Currency Transactions
  • Country or regional Specific Cloud, meeting all compliance and security out of the box

Type of Banking

  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Treasury
  • Wealth
  • Financial Risk Management
  • AI-Enabled Features
  • Fraud Detections
  • Loan Originations
  • Wealth Management
  • Compliance
  • Financial Planning
  • KYC and AML
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Infrastructure will Run on Green Energy