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Servixon FinCloud is specially designed for the financial industry and incorporates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and decision-making, while supporting new-generation banks, Fintechs, and Financial Services Providers


Servixon Intelligent Financial Cloud (FinCloud) services are specifically designed for the financial industry, and incorporate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and decision-making. Both digital and conventional banks as well as financial institutions can benefit from using FinCloud. It provides a highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure and services that can support rapid growth and innovation. One of the key advantages of FinCloud is the ability to build a bank in a week, or in a very short period. 

This is made possible by the pre-built cloud infrastructure and software services that can be easily configured and customized to meet specific business requirements specifically on the country or regional level.


Diverse Account Modelings

AI-Based Fraud Detection

AI-Based Financial Planning

AI-Based Trade Financing

Sustainability Compliance

Centralized & Decentralized Transactions

AI-Based Compliance

Security & Compliance

AI-Based Loan Origination

AI-Based KYC & AML

Conversal AI

Regional/Country Specific Cloud

AI-Based Document Security

Digital Onboarding

Business Support

From retail operations to wealth management and from trading to risk management, corporate services and investment management, treasure management, core banking, and various financial services, Servixon offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of the financial industry. Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach ensures clients can rely on us for their diverse financial technology requirements.

What We Think

FinCloud is tailored to the demands of a diverse range of enterprises, including retail, corporate, treasury, wealth, risk, investments, banks and trading firms.

Analysts forecast that the global BaaS (Banking as a Service) platform market will be valued at $38 billion by 2027, representing a 240% rise from 2022 sales.
According to projections, the global digital banking market will be worth $3.4 trillion in 2026, up from $2.3 trillion in 2021, representing an 11.91% increase.

Conversational AI and chatbots like WhatsApp Banking are expected to save banks around the world a total of $7.5 billion by 2024.

Spending on know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering measures is estimated to reach $130 billion by 2025, up from $33 billion in 2020.

Spending on AI-enabled financial fraud detection and prevention technologies is predicted to exceed $10 billion by 2027, up from an estimated $6.5 billion in 2022.
Unsecured loans aided by AI are predicted to grow to $315 billion globally by 2025, up from an estimated $24 billion in 2020.
Roboadvisors will handle more than $3 trillion in assets by 2025, up from $500 billion in 2020.

What We Offer

FinCloud can be customized to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of specific countries and regions, allowing financial institutions to operate in multiple markets without having to invest in expensive local infrastructure. FinCloud has a powerful infrastructure and services that can help financial institutions achieve fast and efficient operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. By leveraging the latest technologies and cloud-based services, digital and conventional financial institutions can stay competitive and deliver innovative financial services to their customers. In addition FinCloud offers a wide range of account structures to ensure that our clients can discover a solution that works for them in modeling banking accounts. We take security and compliance extremely seriously, so you can be confident that all sensitive client information is safeguarded and that all applicable laws and regulations are always followed. 

In addition to meeting regulatory obligations for data localization, the cloud solutions we provide are tailored to certain regions and countries. Our mission is to fundamentally alter the banking industry by offering our clients innovative solutions based on our extensive market knowledge.

We offer both centralized and decentralized transactions, allowing our customers to choose between the two.

Our AI-based loan origination technology simplifies and automates the loan application process, resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making. Our artificial intelligence-powered compliance solutions make it easy to follow all of the laws and regulations. Our AI-powered financial planning tools provide one-on-one coaching to help you get to where you want to go financially. We employ artificial intelligence to speed up and increase the accuracy of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. 

With the help of digital onboarding, the account-opening process may be shortened and made more convenient. AI-powered trade financing boosts the efficiency of international commercial operations. Banks may save money by improving customer service using conversational AI on systems like WhatsApp Banking. It is critical to protect sensitive data with AI-based document security. We are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. 

We protect our clients' accounts and transactions against unauthorized access by utilizing AI-based fraud detection. e two.