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IoT Platform & Connectivity

Connectivity plays a crucial role in the successful implementation and operation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Our solutions serve as a foundation for managing and orchestrating the interconnected devices, data, and applications within an IoT ecosystem. It provides the necessary infrastructure, tools, and services to enable device connectivity, data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization. Our solutions offer features such as device management, data integration, security, and scalability, allowing organizations to efficiently manage their IoT deployments. Additionally, IoT platforms facilitate the development and deployment of IoT applications, enabling businesses to create value-added services and drive innovation. Connectivity being a key component of the IoT ecosystem, various connectivity options are available for IoT, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular networks, and low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) like LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and Satellites.s.

The choice of connectivity depends on factors such as the range, power consumption, data requirements, and cost considerations of the IoT deployments. The availability of robust and reliable connectivity is crucial for ensuring seamless data transfer and enabling real-time monitoring and control in IoT applications. Overall, our solutions and connectivity forms the backbone of IoT ecosystems, providing the essential infrastructure and connectivity options to enable the effective deployment and operation of IoT solution

13 billion
There are well over 13 billion connected IoT devices around the globe
25.4 billion
It's expected there will be 25.4 billion IoT devices by 2030
IoT devices surpassed non-IoT devices in 2020

What We Offer

Our industry specific, IoT platforms & connectivity services designed for IoT systems scalability and providing robust communication between the connected devices and backend system, even in the remote areas. Industry specific connectivity design is critical in IoT systems because of the different environments the systems are operating. 

Our experts carefully design the connectivity solutions based on the range, power consumption, data requirements, and cost.

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IoT System Integration

Our Internet of Things (IoT) system integration services integrate and blend diverse components and technologies inside an IoT ecosystem to produce a coherent and functional solution. This entails integrating various hardware devices, software applications, protocols, and data management platforms in order to provide smooth communication and interoperability.

IoT Security

IoT security is critical in the IoT realm due to the networked nature of devices and the sensitive information they manage.The quantity of linked devices increases the challenge of protecting the Internet of Things ecosystem. Secure device and firmware administration, encrypted data transmission, and stringent authentication and permission methods are all required.

IoT Analytics & Data Management

Without adequate analytics and data management, the full promise of IoT technology cannot be realized. Businesses demand robust analytics tools to make sense of the avalanche of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets and sensors. IoT analytics is all about collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data generated by IoT devices in search of patterns, trends, and anomalies.

IoT Consulting

Our Internet of Things (IoT) expertise involves providing expert guidance and advice to businesses and organizations on how to leverage IoT technologies effectively. We provide consultancy in various aspects, including strategy development, implementation planning, infrastructure design, and security considerations. Our experts help companies navigate the complex landscape of IoT solutions, assess their unique requirements, and develop tailored strategies to maximize the benefits of IoT adoption.